Teacher’s Training Supported by the EU

GENE TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION. Cloning Experiments in the Laboratory and the Teaching Method Self Organized Learning. Additional Information

25th Sep — 1st Oct, 2011.

Oberstufenzentrum. Lise Meitner, Berlin.

The seminar’s intention is to offer a practical course of gene technology (cloning experiments in the laboratory) and also to promote the teaching method SOL (Self Organized Learning — or Self Determined Learning). Additionally, it provides the opportunity to discuss and evaluate different ethical opinions and thus strengthen the European collaboration among teachers.


Acerca de Francisco Javier Diego-Rasilla

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. Enjoy teaching and making science. Ongoing research: reptile and amphibian conservation, behavioural studies of amphibians and reptiles, orientation behaviour, magnetic cues in orientation,...
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