Ethology Investigates: Cooperation. An online conference

While Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection emphasizes the importance of competition between individuals, survival often depends on organisms working together to increase fitness, fight disease, watch for enemies or hunt for food – all forms of cooperation.

The ethology Investigates online conference on cooperation explores cooperative behaviour within and between species, applying the holistic framework of Tinbergen’s four “why” questions.

The editors of ethology and Redouan Bshary are hosting the first ethology Investigates online conference (November 29th to December 2nd, 2011).

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Acerca de Francisco Javier Diego-Rasilla

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. Enjoy teaching and making science. Ongoing research: reptile and amphibian conservation, behavioural studies of amphibians and reptiles, orientation behaviour, magnetic cues in orientation,...
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