Threatened Amphibians of the World (available as a free downloadable PDF)

Threatened Amphibians of the World

The Global Amphibian Assessment (GAA) sharpened the scientific community’s focus on both the nature and extent of threats to amphibians worldwide. This book is a product of the Global Amphibian Assessment, and therefore owes everything to those who contributed directly to that process, and indeed who continue to do so. In particular, this product would not have been possible without the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm of the more than 500 herpetologists who contributed their time to the data collation and review process. This book is a testimony to the dedicated efforts of these individuals and their unstinting passion for amphibian conservation.


Acerca de Francisco Javier Diego-Rasilla

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. Enjoy teaching and making science. Ongoing research: reptile and amphibian conservation, behavioural studies of amphibians and reptiles, orientation behaviour, magnetic cues in orientation,...
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